Surrounding of the facility

Welcome in Telč, a town which has inspired poets, enchanted painters and allured film directors. It is a town which each year hosts hundreds of musicians of all varieties and tens of thousands of those who come to listen to them, a town admired by lovers of architecture and attracted by historians researching its remarkable past. Welcome to a place where sgraffiti and frescos on the decorated gables of patrician houses reflect Italian inspiration and which looks the same as it looked in the Middle Ages. Welcome to a town which in December 1992 got registered in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. Welcome in Telč, in a region which in the 15th century saw the military activities of the Hussites and of King Jiří of Poděbrady, and in the 17th century the war ravage carried out by Albrecht von Wallenstein and the Swedish mercenaries, and finally in early 19th century the March of Napoleon’s army. Coming to Telč, you will be a region where, as the locals say, “bread ends and stones in the fields begin“, but which has been so cultivated by the people who have lived that we can hardly find other regions which would be so ingeniously improved in its appearance by human efforts. The dominant feature of the region, the highest mountain (Javořice, 837 metres) of the Vysočina Hills (“Highlands”) and the Roštejn castle will strike you from afar. It will take a much more stubborn effort to look for the 700-year old lime-tree in the nearby village of Praskolesy, but when you find it, you are sure to be astounded by its size. The ruin of the castle of Štamberk can be reached on an asphalt road, but we recommend you to approach it on foot as this will give you far more satisfaction. Not far from Štamberk you can find a granite quarry, a source of high quality stone used in the 1920s by the famous Slovenian architect Josip Plečnik for the decoration of the Prague castle. The country is literally studded with innumerable ponds and lakes used for fish farming and for retaining water used for the propulsion of mills. After the arrival of electricity the mills have stopped, many of them disappeared, but the largest mill in the region has been converted into a luxury hotel and a golfing centre. The lush woods, whose rise goes back to economic considerations, are now a tourist magnet, inviting to recreation walks, bicycle rides or gathering mushrooms (a widespread Czech hobby), raspberries, blackberries and bilberries. The country roads limed by crane-trees and well-marked footpaths for pedestrians and cyclists will guide you through an unostentatiously beautiful landscape where being alone does not mean loneliness, but rather respite and serenity. Last but not least you will also find here a number of remarkable craftsmen who turn metals, wood or stone into artifacts of sheer beauty. And should you feel like it, in some places you can join them in their creative work. Welcome in the Telč region! There is a wonderful day trip from Telc using the local train - Dacice and Slavonice, two lovely towns on the same train route as Telc. Sporty guests can rent a bike by us and go one way by bike, one way by train, or both ways by train and make a side trip from Slavonice - some 8 km to our oldest castle Landstejn. There is breathtaking landscape around.  




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